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Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) In Baton Rouge

Dr. Christopher Formanek and his staff are highly recommended by veteran patients. They are also trained in the latest foot treatments, such as nonsurgical and minimally invasive. From the moment you walk into our office, we ensure that your family feels comfortable. With on-site imaging services, we are determined to make sure that we operate all necessary services in a single location – our clinic.

Your trusted DPM in Baton Rouge understands that chronic pain can cause you to make common tasks in your life an unnecessary struggle. Footsteps is proud to serve patients in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, and other nearby areas. Make an appointment at Footsteps Podiatry Clinic today.

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Because of his dedication to solving foot conditions, it’s no surprise that many people in Baton Rouge trust him as their preferred podiatrist. Dr. Christopher Formanek is dedicated to running his Baton Rouge clinic with the most current techniques and technology within the industry.

If he’s not with a patient, he’s brushing up on newly published medical journals and attending conferences to continue his education.

Some of the conditions Dr. Formanek treats:

Pre-Op Open Bunion Surgery (Open Bunion Surgery)


Our staff keeps up to date with the most advanced podiatric technology, ensuring that our patients can rest assured knowing that team of medical professionals are at their service.

Board Certified DPM, Dr. Christopher Formanek treats a wide range of podiatry services. Our Baton Rouge clinic proudly treats all conditions from minor foot and ankle issues to complex, yet still minimally invasive surgeries.

In Baton Rouge, Dr. Formanek has become well known for Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery :

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Dr. Formanek utilizes the latest and most advanced techniques to perform foot surgery in Baton Rouge. These methods allow patients to walk immediately after surgery, get back to their normal activities, and wear shoes that fit perfectly faster.